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Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement

Planning For Retirement

Now comes the biggest financial issue of them all: Retirement. While the life changes listed above will demand your attention as you go through life, planning for your future retirement should also be a priority if you want to retire comfortably someday.

The good news is the power of compound interest can set you up for a wonderful time after you’ve clocked out from work…if you save up enough money and start saving earlier in your career. The bad news is that frequent missteps in handling of all these other life changes can drain the funds you need to use for your future retirement.

A frequent issue we see is that people want to wait until a year or two before they retire to do any financial planning, and unfortunately our answer to those people is that it’s mostly too late to plan because they’ll have to live on whatever they’ve saved (or keep working).


Saving Along The Way

The best way to plan for retirement is to know how much you should be saving, where you should have it invested at each stage of your career, and how much income that nest egg can generate for your future retirement. You’ll also need to factor in Medicare, Social Security and your pension if you have one. We’ve been working with pre-retirees and retirees for over a decade, and our personal financial advisors can help you make sure that you’re on the right track or we can help you create a new financial plan to achieve your future retirement goal.