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Retirement planning is like hitting a target that moves side to side as well as front to back!

Charlie Brown looked quite perplexed as Linus shot an arrow and then painted a target around where the arrow landed. “This makes it much easier,” was Linus’ reply. Sadly, that is how many people plan for retirement. They create the target as they go. 

When retirement gets closer, you need help from a planning pro like Crystal McMahon more than ever.

Inflation, market fluctuations, family changes, and health changes are just some of the issues that impact the plan daily! The closer you get, the more costly any bad choices become. In your 30’s, you had decades to make up for a wrong decision. In your mid 50’s, you are down to the last ten years.

Additionally, many workers make changes in their careers before they retire and will need to know how to navigate new retirement and healthcare plans.

With Crystal by your side, you can create a stronger future plan. Late career is a great time to tackle issues of monthly budgeting, debt reduction, legacy planning, and more.

During our meetings, we will ask questions about housing, healthcare, aging parents, and potential retirement careers to ensure no stone gets unturned. We also have access to cutting-edge planning tools that can give you helpful information for making intelligent decisions.

The bottom line is that We plan for life changes when we create your plan

During the later years of your career, we can help ensure that you are still on target, regardless of what life throws at you.

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