Great Life Investing

Great Life Investing

When our mother suffered a serious health event several years ago, our father was everything you would hope from a loving spouse as he helped his aging bride. As close siblings, the three of us pitched in and gave dad some relief when we could, and when we lost mom we all grieved together. For dad, managing the household bills, investment portfolio and daily tasks would have been challenging enough if mom was healthy. These tasks become exhausting and overwhelming when he had to also care for our sick mother.

My father was an honorable man and well deserving of the respect of his family, and we three felt it our joy to make sure that the last years of his life were honoring to him. When he suffered the onset of a terrible infection that ravaged his body for the last year of his life, we made sure that one of the three of his us were available whenever he needed us. To his death, we were there for our wonderful dad so that he would know as he left, that his life had been a priceless gift to us.

Make no mistake, this was a huge imposition on all of our lives, as all three of us were working full-time and one of us was still raising a teenage daughter. During the time we helped dad, vacations became nonexistent, and everyday plans were interrupted by emergency calls or simple requests just to spend time with him.  Most often the timing wasn’t convenient, but he was our dad and we were glad to be there for him.

I am extremely thankful that my parents had previously set up financial plans through insurance for those long-term care needs, but what if they hadn’t? We still would have helped, but we may not have had the excess finances available. And while there were three of us to care for one adult, what if both of my parents had needed physical care at the same time? Or what if I had been an only child? I hear many of my clients say coldly, “my kids will take care of me,” but during that time in my life my business suffered greatly, my social life suffered greatly, and every member of our family was forced to endure unpleasant and difficult circumstances. As a family we had prepared, we had that family meeting years before mom got seriously ill. Because of this difficult planning for an inevitable time of life, our family continues to grow stronger and closer today.

You may have a Family like ours, or yours might be estranged, but have you made those plans to care for you or your loved ones when your inevitable happens? Or will you be…. “the burden”?
Yes, we have the standard checklists and documents that are needed at these stressful and tragic times, but as a boutique company, we specialize in developing personal plans, because we are all individuals with different desires, and we see you that way so that all of your years may be filled with honor and respect.,

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