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Changing Careers

Changing Careers

Life Changes

New jobs or promotions are times to celebrate and starting a new career in mid-life can be both exciting and frightening. These are also times to reexamine your long-term financial planning. Expenses always seem to grow to the size of the income, so making a wise decision with life changes such as changing careers, will ensure that those additional finances don’t get wasted. And if you’re downsizing to a dream career that pays less, your challenge is to reduce your monthly spending to match your new career.


Job Changes

Just one example a job change brings is your 401k. You may want to transfer any 401k accounts so you don’t lose track of them, and you should also look at health insurance implications to your budget. We can help you evaluate and adjust your monthly finances to keep you on track and not fall behind in your long-term financial planning just because you shifted your finances.