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Of all the shared life experiences, caring for a loved one as they age is the hardest. The combination of financial pressure and the sadness of watching them slow down is uniquely devastating.

Most adult children have noticed health decline in their parents but haven’t been primed to look for signs of financial decline. Sadly, most people don’t feel confident enough in their own financial planning to feel they have any right to speak into the life of their parents.

But maybe you have heard your parents take financial risks that you aren’t sure are smart. Or perhaps they’ve stopped watching the details of their financial documents that arrive. Are they taking longer to complete simple money tasks? If you’ve seen any of these, you may need to step in to help your loved ones manage their money.

Stepping into help your aging loved ones will protect them from being exploited by scammers. Unfortunately, many times they need to be protected from family and friends. If your parents have just suffered a significant loss they will need your help immediately following the event.  

This is another place where Crystal McMahon can help.

We can help create a monthly budget, a yearly financial plan, and a financial retirement plan to cover long-term care costs. Additionally, we can make recommendations for living trusts as well as help put you in contact with other professionals as the needs arise.

Having the right help means you won’t have to carry this burden alone. Crystal McMahon has years of experience walking people through one of the most challenging assignments that life hands out.

Maybe this is the time to contact us and let us partner with you. You can set the parameters of our relationship as it works in your world. Please know we would love to help.

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