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Crystal McMahon,

Crystal’s diverse business background includes owning and managing several small businesses, high-level roles in sales and commercial real estate. Crystal has over a decade of experience supporting clients in financial services. During her free time, Crystal loves getting outdoors. On weekends she can be found hiking, snowshoeing, biking or kayaking around the Puget Sound with family.

Crystal holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, with a focus on Economics and Accounting.

Crystal has a heart of service and for most of her adult life she has volunteered on the boards of local and national nonprofits to preserve wildlife and marine life, provide healthcare to low-income populations and find cures for cancer in children and adults.

“I wanted to create a firm where the lifestyle of my clients is the only priority.


As a pilot, David knows detailed planning and execution are essential in reaching our destination, and this also applies to the financial goals we desire in life. Over the last many years, David has personally reviewed thousands of individuals’ retirement plans and as a result, he has made it our company’s mission to make sure you have enough money throughout the rest of your life to live the lifestyle you want. We will help you preserve and grow your money wisely, without having to work as hard as you did when you earned it.

David has lived in Washington since childhood, he loves the outdoor recreation our region provides and the great people who live here. As a way of giving back to the community, David is currently serving on the board of the Lions Club where he is involved in projects to support the area’s elderly, disabled and disadvantaged youth.

“In regards to helping our clients, we don’t think for you. We think with you and about you.”


Client Centric Practice

“In starting this new firm, I wanted to develop a client-centric practice with the capabilities to offer people a 360-degree view of their financial health.”

Crystal likes to say that Great Life Investing is a “custom-made suit in a world of mass-produced suits that are one-size-fits-all. Every person, couple and family is unique – everyone deserves to have personalized service instead of cookie-cutter pie chart plans that are meant for the masses.

We learn a lot about our clients and many of them even become good friends, because we treat everyone with respect and care. We want our clients to rest easy knowing that their financial future is in good hands, so they can spend their precious time on what matters most to them.

While every situation is different, Crystal does one thing with all clients: she is their biggest financial encourager. “In my years of experience, I’ve watched people make just about every bad choice people can make, so I act as a financial coach and I encourage clients to make choices that will help them move their life forward in a more positive direction.”

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